Meet the Directors

Meet the Directors

Founder-Directors Patrick & Alan Feast, after working with several major recruitment agencies, started doing things differently over 8 years ago. This brought considerable success, and they transitioned from their last business with a plan and new ideas to create a next-generation recruitment service utilising everything they had learnt from their successes, moving with them a comprehensive network of great clients and candidates and a strong track record of delivering service at the highest level.

Patrick Feast has over 17 + years’ experience recruiting into the Infrastructure, Cyber Security and Transformation and Change sector.

Alan Feast has over 40 years’ experience in the IT industry, working for companies both large and small, ensuring the business operates efficiently and ethically, meeting and exceeding legislation and always considering its impact on people and environment.

Our mission is to create a network of companies and people where we ensure the perfect fit is made so organisations and professionals ensure they achieve and exceed goals and aspirations.

We are relentless in our search, are fast and reliable, without compromising quality or service.

Patrick Feast

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